Electric Car Charging Services

Electric Car Charging Solutions by Tulare Electric

At Tulare Electric, we recognize the rapidly increasing demand for dependable electric vehicle (EV) charging solutions in a world rapidly transitioning to electric transportation. With a wide selection of EV charging options suitable for public, private, and commercial settings as well as fleets, we guarantee the highest standards of quality, effectiveness, and client happiness.

Electric Car Charging - Residential EV Charging Stations - Tulare, CA

Residential EV Charging Stations

Convenience and the enjoyment of owning an EV are increased when you install an EV charging station at your house. With expert installation from Tulare Electric, you can be sure that your home charging station will match your home’s layout and electrical system capacity.


Custom Installation

The first step in our process is a thorough evaluation of your house’s existing electrical setup to make sure it can handle the additional weight of an EV charging station. After that, we make recommendations for the best charging station options based on the specifications of your car and parking situation.


Latest Technology

We make sure you can charge your EV effectively and safely at home by installing only the newest types of EV chargers, which have quicker charging speeds and cutting-edge safety features.


Ease of Use

With features like smartphone connectivity to check charging status and planned charging during off-peak hours to save electricity costs, our EV charging stations are easy to use.

Commercial EV Charging Solutions

Tulare Electric provides scalable solutions that suit all kinds of commercial settings, including as office parks, shopping centers, and hotels, for companies wishing to install EV charging stations.

Customer Retention

Businesses can increase customer satisfaction and loyalty by catering to a demographic of environmentally sensitive consumers by offering EV charging alternatives.

Employee Benefits

Encouraging employees to bring in and keep top talent by providing EV charging at work is a benefit that is gaining popularity, particularly in sectors where environmental sustainability is prioritized.

Sustainability Goals

Installing EV charging stations encourages the use of clean energy and lowers overall carbon emissions, which helps your company achieve its sustainability goals.

Public Sector and Municipality Charging Infrastructure

We collaborate closely with governmental organizations to establish public EV charging infrastructure, which promotes the use of electric vehicles by making charging easy and common.


Infrastructure Planning and Installation

In order to ensure that charging stations are easily accessible and conveniently positioned, our entire service includes site inspections, design, installation, and integration of charging stations into the current public infrastructure.


Grant and Funding Assistance

We guide local governments through the challenges of obtaining grants and other financial options intended to encourage the use of environmentally friendly technologies.


Long-Term Sustainability Planning

In order to make sure that public charging infrastructure can keep up with rising demand and technological improvements, our professionals offer continuing support and strategic planning services.

Fleet Conversion to Electric

For many organizations, switching to an electric fleet is a major step toward lowering operating costs and environmental effect. Tulare Electric provides fleets with complete electrification solutions, easing this transition.

Consultation and Planning

In order to create a phased strategy to electrification that minimizes interruption and is in line with your business objectives, we start by conducting a thorough review of your present fleet operations.

Charging Station Installation

Our staff creates and installs a network of charging stations based on the size and usage habits of your fleet, guaranteeing that every car can be charged effectively and consistently.

Maintenance and Support

In order to maintain the best possible infrastructure, we offer complete maintenance and support for EV charging stations, including routine service inspections and upgrades.

Upgrades and Maintenance of EV Charging Stations

Tulare Electric provides professional maintenance and upgrading services in order to extend the life and effectiveness of EV charging stations.


Regular Inspections

Frequent inspections ensure safety and dependability by locating and resolving problems before they have an impact on the charging station’s functioning.


Software Updates

We maintain software updates for the charging station to guarantee that it works with all EV models and to include the newest charging innovations.


Hardware Upgrades

We provide hardware updates that improve the functionality and features of current charging stations, such as quicker charging rates and improved user interfaces, as charging technology advances.

Electric Car Charging FAQs

What types of EV charging stations do you install?

To accommodate various demands and car specifications, Tulare Electric offers a range of EV charging stations. DC fast chargers and Level 1 and Level 2 are included in this. While Level 2 chargers offer faster charging periods and are perfect for both residential and business settings, Level 1 chargers are normal for everyday usage at home. The best uses for DC fast chargers are in commercial settings where rapid charging is necessary. We assist you in selecting the ideal choice in light of your unique needs and circumstances.

How long does it take to install an EV charging station at my property?

A number of variables, such as the kind of charger, the location of the installation, and the state of the electrical infrastructure, might affect how long it takes to establish an EV charging station. Installation of a conventional Level 2 charger at a residential residence may usually be finished in a single day. The procedure could take longer for more complicated setups or commercial installations. During the initial meeting, we evaluate your site and requirements and present you a clear timeframe.

Can you help with obtaining permits for installing an EV charging station?

The permitting process for the installation of your EV charging station is fully handled by Tulare Electric. We will make sure that the required permits are secured before beginning the installation because we are aware of the local legislation and procedures. Our staff handles the paperwork and communicates with local officials to expedite the procedure and spare you any trouble.

What is the cost of installing an EV charging station?

The cost of setting up an EV charging station varies based on the kind of charger, the difficulty of the installation, and any extra infrastructure required to run the system. Installing a Level 2 residential system normally costs between $500 and $2,000, not including the charging device. Because fast-charging and commercial installations demand more power and may require significant electrical improvements, they are more expensive. After a site survey, we send you a comprehensive price that covers all related expenses so you can make an informed choice.

Do you offer maintenance services for EV charging stations?

Tulare Electric does provide thorough upkeep services for all varieties of EV charging stations. For your charging infrastructure to last a long time and be dependable, regular maintenance is essential. Regular inspections, software upgrades, functional tests, and component replacement are all part of our maintenance services. We also provide round-the-clock assistance for any problems that might occur, guaranteeing that your charging stations are always functional.