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Comprehensive Electric Panel Services at Tulare Electric

At Tulare Electric, we are aware of how important electric panels are to maintaining the effectiveness and safety of your electrical system. From installs and upgrades to maintenance and surge protection, our specialist services are made to meet all of your electric panel demands.

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Electric Panel Upgrades

Modernizing your electric panel is essential to preserving electrical efficiency and safety, particularly in older buildings or residences where the current panel might not be able to meet the rising demands on electricity.


Why Upgrade Your Electric Panel?

Upgrades to your panels are necessary to stop overload, lower your home’s fire risk, and increase overall safety. They are especially crucial if you have a lot of frequent breaker tripping, flickering lights, or if you intend to add more high-demand electronics or appliances.


Our Upgrade Process

Our all-inclusive upgrade process entails determining the capacity of your existing system, removing the antiquated panel, and installing a brand-new, contemporary panel that complies with all applicable local electrical codes. By improving the operation and capacity of your system, this upgrade gets your house or place of business ready for both present and future electrical demands.

Subpanel Installation

Subpanels are a practical approach to increase the capacity of your electrical system without having to completely remodel your panels; they’re particularly helpful in large properties or multi-unit buildings.

Benefits of Subpanel Installation

Subpanels can aid in more effectively distributing the electrical load around your property. They can assist in lessening the load on the main panel, increasing overall system efficiency and safety, and are perfect for locations that need high power utilization.

Installation Services

Tulare Electric makes sure that every subpanel is positioned and fitted correctly to enhance the performance of your main panel. To guarantee flawless operation and integration with your current electrical system, we handle every part of the installation, from wiring and configuration to testing.

Circuit Breaker Replacement

Your electrical panel’s integrity and safety depend on routine inspections and the prompt replacement of circuit breakers.


Signs You Need a Replacement

Important clues that a circuit breaker needs to be replaced include continuous tripping, the inability to reset, visible damage such as burn marks, or an old breaker that is prone to failure.


Our Replacement Services

Our services include assessing the overall state of your panel, locating breakers that require repair, and installing sturdy, long-lasting breakers to guarantee continuous efficiency and safety. We offer sturdy circuit breakers that are made to withstand particular electrical loads, lowering the possibility of malfunctions in the future.

Panel Safety Inspections

The likelihood of electrical risks can be greatly decreased by making sure your electric panel is subjected to routine safety assessments.

What Does a Safety Inspection Involve?

We thoroughly inspect all of the parts of your electric panel during our safety checks. We inspect for correct installation, corrosion or wear indicators, tight and secure connections, and adherence to all applicable safety regulations.

Benefits of Regular Inspections

Frequent inspections aid in the early detection of possible issues, averting expensive repairs and risky circumstances like electrical fires. They give you peace of mind by making ensuring your panel keeps working effectively and safely.

Surge Protection Integration

One of the best ways to protect connected devices and your entire electrical system from unanticipated voltage spikes is to incorporate surge protection into your electric panel.


How Surge Protection Works

Surge protectors are designed to either absorb or deflect excess electricity in order to shield connected appliances and electronics from potential damage. In order to avoid data loss and extend the life of your devices, this protection is crucial.


Installation of Surge Protectors

We directly install premium surge protectors into your power panel. With this centralized method, your entire house or place of business is protected from internal fluctuations from high-power equipment as well as exterior surges generated by occurrences like lightning strikes.

Electric Panels FAQs

What are the signs that I need an electric panel upgrade?

Several signs may indicate the need for an electric panel upgrade:

  • Frequent Circuit Breaker Trips: This often means your panel cannot handle the current energy demands of your home.
  • Overuse of Extension Cords: Regular reliance on extension cords can suggest inadequate outlet capacity, indicating a need for panel upgrade.
  • Flickering or Dimming Lights: This can occur when appliances in use overload your system.
  • Old or Faulty Wiring: If your home is over 25 years old and has never had an electrical upgrade, it’s likely time to consider updating your panel.
  • Adding Major Appliances: Upgrades or additions such as HVAC systems or hot tubs often require more power than your current panel can provide.

How often should my electric panel be inspected?

To make sure your electric panel stays in good shape and operates properly, we advise having it inspected every three to five years. But, you should have the panel evaluated after making big repairs to your house or adding a lot of new equipment to be sure it can support the increased electrical load.

What is involved in replacing a circuit breaker?

Replacing a circuit breaker involves several steps:

  • Safety Checks: First, we ensure all power to the panel is shut off to prevent any accidents.
  • Removal of the Faulty Breaker: The faulty breaker is carefully removed from its slot.
  • Installation of the New Breaker: A new breaker of the correct size and type is then installed in its place.

Testing: After installation, the new breaker is tested to ensure it functions properly and safely within the system.

  • This process is crucial for maintaining the safety and efficiency of your home’s electrical system.

What are the benefits of installing a subpanel?

Installing a subpanel has several benefits, especially for larger homes or properties with multiple buildings:

  • Increased Capacity: It allows you to expand your electrical capacity without overhauling your main panel.
  • Improved Circuit Management: Subpanels can help simplify electrical circuit management in different areas or buildings on your property.
  • Reduced Load on Main Panel: By distributing the electrical load, a subpanel can alleviate stress on your main panel, enhancing overall efficiency and safety.

Why is surge protection integration important for my electric panel?

Surge protection is crucial for preventing damage to your electrical devices and systems. Surges can occur from external sources like lightning or internal issues such as sudden changes in electricity usage. By integrating surge protection into your electric panel, you provide a first line of defense that:

  • Protects Appliances: Helps prevent damage to sensitive electronics and appliances from voltage spikes.
  • Enhances Safety: Reduces the risk of electrical fires caused by surges.
  • Saves Money: Avoids costly repairs or replacements of appliances and electronics due to surge damage.