Electrical Wiring & Rewiring Services

Electrical Wiring & Rewiring Services at Tulare Electric

Our goal at Tulare Electric is to make sure that your electrical systems are dependable, safe, and efficient. Our wide array of wiring and rewiring services is made to accommodate the requirements of any residence or place of business, offering improved electrical performance and peace of mind. Whether you need specialized wiring replacements, compliance updates, or a complete system overhaul, our knowledgeable staff has the skills and resources to complete the task correctly.

Electrical Wiring & Rewiring - Upgrading Outdated Wiring Systems - Tulare, CA

Safety Inspections for Existing Wiring

To identify possible hazards and make sure your electrical system is functioning properly, routine inspections of your electrical wiring are essential. Our in-depth inspections find problems early on and fix them, preventing electrical fires and other dangers.


Comprehensive Safety Evaluations

Our knowledgeable electricians thoroughly inspect your wiring using the most recent diagnostic tools. We inspect every component of your electrical system for possible safety concerns, looking for indications of wear, damage, or outdated parts.


Preventative Measures

We suggest preventive measures, which can involve fixes, replacements, or improvements to improve functionality and safety, based on the results of the inspection. By being proactive, future electrical issues can be prevented before they become expensive and harmful.

Upgrading Outdated Wiring Systems

In addition to posing a safety issue, outdated or failing wiring makes it difficult for your system to operate effectively. If you have an older property or system that needs to accommodate the electrical demands of today, you must upgrade your wiring.

Enhancing Electrical Capacity

We swap out old, insufficient wiring for sturdy, high-capacity systems that can withstand the electrical loads of today without breaking down or overloading. Supporting current appliances and technologies that demand more power than earlier systems could offer requires this upgrading.

Modernizing Electrical Infrastructure

Our improvements guarantee that every aspect of your electrical infrastructure satisfies the most recent efficiency and safety requirements. We guarantee that your electrical system is sturdy and ready to handle next-generation technology improvements by using premium materials and cutting-edge construction methods.

Whole House Rewiring

In order to guarantee functioning and safety, a full house rewiring is frequently the best option for homes with antiquated or dangerous electrical systems. Throughout the property, all electrical fixtures, wiring, and other parts will be replaced as part of this service.


Full System Overhaul

When necessary, we replace all outlets, switches, wiring, and service panels in their entirety. This thorough procedure not only increases safety but also greatly improves the electrical performance in your entire house.


Customized Rewiring Plans

Our rewiring designs are customized to each property’s particular requirements and layout. In order to cause as little inconvenience as possible and guarantee that all work is finished quickly without compromising on quality or safety, we work closely with homeowners.

Aluminum Wiring Replacement

Nowadays, it is known that aluminum wiring, which was widely utilized in the 1960s and 1970s, may cause fires and has durability problems. A major increase in safety occurs when copper wiring is used instead of aluminum wiring.

Safe Wiring Solutions

We remove any existing aluminum wiring as part of our aluminum wiring replacement services, and we replace it with premium copper wiring, which is longer-lasting and safer.

Increasing Property Value

Changing to copper wiring can also raise your home’s insurance value and value. This update is a great selling factor since it gives prospective customers confidence that the electrical system is modern and safe.

Code Compliance and System Updates

You must maintain an updated electrical system for both safety and adherence to local building requirements. This is especially crucial in light of code and standard updates.


Code Compliance Checks

To make sure your wiring and systems adhere to all local and federal electrical codes, we inspect and upgrade them on a regular basis. This keeps your electrical system safe and effective in addition to avoiding legal problems.


System Enhancements

In addition to compliance, we concentrate on system upgrades that boost effectiveness and functionality. Energy-efficient systems, smart home integration, and other contemporary electrical advancements are some examples of these benefits.

Electrical Wiring & Rewiring FAQs

How do I know if my home needs rewiring?

There are several signs that may indicate your home needs rewiring:

  • Frequent tripping of circuit breakers or blown fuses.
  • Flickering or dimming lights.
  • Burning smells or sparking from outlets.
  • Outlets that feel warm to the touch or are discolored.

An over-reliance on extension cords and power strips.

  • It’s a good idea to have a qualified electrician perform a comprehensive inspection to determine the state of your wiring if you observe any of these problems.

What are the dangers of outdated or faulty wiring?

There are serious risks associated with outdated or malfunctioning wiring, such as the possibility of electrical fires, electric shocks, and other incidents that could cause harm to people or property. Antiquated wiring might not meet contemporary safety regulations and might not be strong enough to support the weight of contemporary equipment, which could result in overloaded circuits and possible malfunctions.

How long does rewiring a house usually take?

The size of the home and the installation’s intricacy determine how long a rewiring project takes. The usual time for rewiring a home of this size is three to ten days. Larger or more intricately laid out residences could take longer. Our goal is to cause the least amount of inconvenience possible, and we will provide you a more precise timetable after evaluating your home.

Can you update my home to be compliant with current electrical codes?

Unquestionably! One of our areas of expertise is making sure your house complies with the most recent electrical codes. In order to bring your current electrical system up to speed with modern requirements, we can do a thorough inspection of it. This include adding safety devices like arc-fault circuit interrupters (AFCIs) and ground fault circuit interrupters (GFCIs), as well as updating electrical panels and installing new wiring.

What is involved in replacing aluminum wiring?

Replacing aluminum wiring entails taking out the old aluminum wires and swapping them out for safer, more dependable copper wiring. As part of this procedure, outlets, switches, and other linked devices are usually updated to make sure they comply with safety regulations and are compatible with the new wiring. Our crew takes care of everything, from preparation and demolition to installation and testing, to guarantee a smooth switch to your new electrical system.