Residential Electrician Services

Comprehensive Residential Electrician Services at Tulare Electric

At Tulare Electric, we’re committed to provide premium electrical services designed with homes in mind. Your home’s electrical system will operate dependably and safely thanks to the experience, effectiveness, and adherence to the highest safety standards brought to every project by our trained electricians.

Residential Electrician - Lighting Solutions and Installation - Tulare, CA

Home Safety Inspections

Any residential electrical system needs to undergo a home safety examination, but this is especially important for older or newly renovated homes. Our comprehensive inspections are intended to find any possible electrical concerns, like out-of-date wiring, clogged circuits, or incorrect connections. Our skilled electricians assess your whole electrical system—including outlets, switches, panels, and existing wiring—using cutting-edge diagnostic equipment.

Benefits of Regular Electrical Inspections

You will receive a thorough report with our findings and recommendations for any necessary repairs or upgrades after the inspection. By taking a proactive stance, you can resolve problems before they become expensive ones.


Prevention of electrical fires and other safety hazards.


Ensuring compliance with local electrical codes and standards.


Peace of mind that your electrical system is safe and reliable.

Lighting Solutions and Installation

Adequate lighting is crucial for your home’s functionality as well as its visual appeal. Whether you want to add task lighting to your kitchen, install security lighting around the perimeter of your property, or improve the ambience of your living room, Tulare Electric can provide unique lighting solutions to meet your demands.

Custom Lighting Services Include:

• Design consultations to match lighting with your home’s décor.
• Installation of a variety of lighting types, including recessed, pendant, track, and landscape lighting.
• Energy-efficient upgrades to LED lighting that reduce your energy costs and carbon footprint.

Our crew makes sure that every installation is done carefully and with the least amount of disturbance to your house. We also offer guidance on how to optimize convenience and energy economy while using smart lighting controls.

Home Automation and Smart Home Setup

In addition to providing unparalleled convenience, home automation technology also improves your house’s security and energy efficiency. With automated technologies that are simple to operate and effortlessly connect, Tulare Electric can turn your house into a smart home.


Remote and voice control of lighting, HVAC systems, and security cameras


Integration with popular platforms like Google Home and Amazon Alexa.


Customized setups that cater to your specific lifestyle and preferences.

Our team is here to make sure your smart home technology functions properly, improving your daily life and providing you control like never before, from initial setup and integration to continuing maintenance.

Generator Installation and Maintenance

When it comes to backup power options, dependability is essential. When you need power the most, Tulare Electric offers complete generator installation and maintenance services.

Generator Services Offer:

• Assessment of your energy needs to select the appropriate size and type of generator.
• Professional installation that complies with all local safety regulations.
• Routine maintenance to keep your generator operating efficiently and extend its lifespan.

We guarantee a smooth connection with your home’s electrical system, whether you select a portable unit for important regions or a backup generator that powers your entire house automatically. Give us a call today!

Electrical Panel Upgrades

Modern electrical needs can be securely handled by your home if you upgrade your electrical panel. In older homes that may not have been designed to fit today’s high-powered appliances and gadgets, this service is extremely crucial.


Comprehensive assessment of your current electrical system’s capacity.


Removal of outdated panels and installation of new, robust panels with higher capacity.


Integration of additional circuits or sub-panels as needed for home expansions or renovations.

A contemporary electrical panel improves the safety, efficiency, and value of your home and offers a solid basis for any subsequent electrical advancements.

Residential Electrician FAQs

How often should I have my home’s electrical system inspected?

To make sure everything is in safe operating condition, we advise having the electrical system in your house tested every three to five years. However, it makes sense to schedule inspections more frequently if your house is older than 40 years, has had significant modifications, or you’re adding new, expensive appliances. Frequent inspections can help find possible problems before they get worse, protecting your safety and averting expensive repairs.

What are the signs that I might need to upgrade my electrical panel?

Several signs may indicate the need for an electrical panel upgrade:
• Frequent tripping of circuit breakers.
• Unexplained flickering or dimming of lights.
• The need to use multiple power strips and extension cords.
• Adding major appliances which increase energy consumption.

The panel is warm to the touch, or you hear crackling sounds.
• It’s crucial to have a professional inspect your panel if you observe any of these problems in order to evaluate whether an upgrade is required for both operation and safety.

What should I consider when choosing lighting for my home?

Make sure to take aesthetics and utility into account when selecting lighting for your house. Assess each room’s intended use to choose the right kind of lighting—ambient, task, or accent. Consider energy efficiency as well. LED lights are a popular option because of their longer lifespan and lower energy consumption. Finally, make sure the lighting fixtures match your interior design by taking into account the décor and style of your house.

Can you explain what smart home automation involves and how it benefits me?

Adding technology to your home so you can operate it from afar with a smartphone, tablet, or voice-activated gadget like Google Home or Amazon Alexa is known as smart home automation. Better appliance functioning, more security, higher convenience, and increased energy efficiency are among the advantages. To enhance your daily life and save energy costs, you can, for instance, remotely control your thermostat, watch security cameras with your phone, and automate your entertainment and lighting systems.

Why is it important to hire a licensed electrician for home electrical work?

Hiring a licensed electrician is crucial for several reasons:

  • Safety: Licensed electricians are trained to adhere to safety codes and regulations, reducing the risk of electrical fires, shocks, and other hazards.
  • Quality of Work: A licensed electrician has the necessary skills and knowledge to perform complex electrical tasks correctly, ensuring the work is done right the first time.
  • Compliance with Codes: Electrical work must comply with local and national electrical codes. Licensed electricians are familiar with these codes, which helps ensure that your electrical work passes inspections if needed.
  • Liability: Licensed electricians are insured, which protects you from liability in the event of damage or accidents during the project.